Praise for Catalyst Coaching and Consulting


Stephen Victor

“If you have yet to receive Richard Seidman’s coaching services you are in for a real treat. His wisdom-infused and generous, insightful and creative capacities will be fully in service to your wants and needs. If furthering your creative expression is what you want, contact Richard now. His attention will rain boon upon boon on you!”
– Stephen Victor, President & CEO, Geomancie International

Sharon Dvora“Richard’s guidance is insightful, adept and immeasurably helpful! Richard presented a wide range of practical yet surprisingly playful ways to approach my thinking and planning. Together, we created quick movement and wonderful results. I’ve moved my professional goals forward from intention to reality.”
– Sharon Dvora, artist and art teacher

Todd Wilson photoI have greatly benefited from our sessions by becoming more aware of my time and effort in unlocking my creative voice.  You don’t ‘tell me what to do’ but rather let me discover what will work for me through your insightful and patient ways.  I feel you understand the artist within and are very qualified to help me unleash the creative within me.
– Todd Wilson, writer and videographer

Jon Bono“Richard’s humanity and attention to detail shine through in his attentive listening and encouragement to dig deeper, and through his practical techniques and suggestions. He works in a holistic way with one’s whole life, helping us integrate and align with the good and deeper aspects we are seeking that inspire us onward.”
– Jon Bono, screenwriter, author, and producer of “The Serious Business of Happiness”